1 Book your exam in advance: Once you book the exam, you’ll have a clear idea of how much time you have to prepare. This helps you set realistic goals and effectively manage your study time.

2 Start studying early: It’s important to start studying well in advance so you have enough time to understand and practice all the topics.

3 Practice with mock exams: Do as many mock exams as possible to get familiar with the question format and exam structure. This also helps improve your time management.

4 Learn traffic rules and signs: Pay special attention to traffic rules and signs, as they make up a large part of the exam. Make sure you understand and can apply them.

5 Focus on understanding rather than memorization: Try to understand the concepts and principles behind traffic rules rather than just memorizing them. This helps you apply the rules in different situations.

6 Address weaknesses: Identify the topics you struggle with and spend extra time understanding and practicing them. Don’t just focus on the topics you already know well.

7 Take enough breaks: Take regular breaks during study sessions to keep your mind fresh and prevent fatigue. Taking short breaks also helps you process information better.

8 Simulate exam conditions: Practice under conditions similar to the real exam, such as practicing with a time limit and in a quiet environment without distractions.

9 Stay calm on exam day: Make sure you’re well-rested and arrive on time for the exam. Try to stay calm and trust the knowledge you’ve gained during your preparation.

10 Read questions carefully: Take the time to carefully read each question and consider all choices before answering. Sometimes questions may seem similar, but the answers are subtly different.

By following these tips and consistently practicing, you’ll increase your chances of success on the CBR theory exam. Here’s to seeing that green thumbs-up on your screen! Good luck!

Comparing driving schools

Compare different driving schools to find the one that best suits you. An important aspect to consider is the passing rate of the driving school. A passing rate of over 50% indicates that many students pass their driving exam on the first attempt. Do you want to compare driving schools and make an informed choice? Then make use of the CBR’s Driving School Finder. Here you will find clear overviews of the passing rates of all driving schools in your area, as well as their contact information and website for more information about the lessons offered.


Various teaching methods

The teaching method should also suit you well. Driving schools can offer different packages, for example, including theory lessons or, conversely, individual driving lessons, with or without intermediate tests. Offering a specific method is not necessarily better than another, but it should align with your needs.

A lesson package does not guarantee that no extra lessons will be necessary. Generally, you need about 42 hours of driving lessons to obtain your driver’s license, which is more than what most lesson packages offer. A package with driving lessons may be more cost-effective than individual lessons, but it’s important to understand exactly what is included in the package. Therefore, make sure to clarify all terms with the driving school in advance to avoid surprises regarding the package price.


Consult others for advice

Driving lessons are personal. Everyone has different needs, and both the driving school and the instructor should align well with your preferences. Therefore, it’s wise to inquire about the experiences of others. It’s valuable to hear from friends or acquaintances where they took driving lessons and what their experiences were. This can help you make an informed decision.


How do you recognize a good driving school?

Below are some characteristics that indicate a driving school is good.

  • The driving school has a high passing rate. Use the CBR’s Driving School Finder to check the passing rate of the driving school.
  • The driving school uses a lesson card, which clearly shows your progress in your training.
  • Explanations are provided about the benefits of taking an interim test at the CBR.
  • You are only sent for the exam when you can drive safely and independently.
  • Your instructor accompanies you during the interim test, so they can better support you in the continuation of your driving education.
  • The driving school only employs instructors who are legally authorized to give driving lessons, which is indicated by their WRM authorization card.
  • Always check if the name of the driving school matches the name on the car and the name under which the driving school is registered with the CBR. This prevents surprises during the exam, as the CBR requires and verifies this.
  • Clear agreements are made in case of a cancellation.

As a theory school, we closely collaborate with various driving schools in Amsterdam and surrounding areas. Have you already attended a theory course with us or are you considering attending one, but have not yet found a driving school? Let us know, and we would be happy to assist you in finding a suitable driving school.