Improvement of driving education

One of the major changes is the mandatory requirement to attend driving lessons; currently, only taking the exam is required. Moreover, it will become clearer for everyone what is expected of students to obtain their driver’s license. Learning objectives were established in October 2023, which will be further developed by this summer.

In these learning objectives, you can expect requirements such as driving at night, reaching speeds of 130 km/h, and discussing ‘social driving behavior’ during lessons. These changes aim to ensure that everyone enters the exam well-prepared.

Plans have also been made regarding the structure of this ‘new driving education’ and the involvement of various parties. The driving education will be divided into four phases, with each phase incorporating progressively challenging traffic situations.

Additionally, a system is being developed to track the skills mastered by the student for everyone involved. The involved parties include the students themselves, their parents, or the driving instructors. Driving instructors still retain the freedom to use their own teaching methods, allowing them to differentiate themselves based on their unique skills, knowledge, and experience.


Improvement of the exam

Currently, the exam is at the core of the driver’s license process. In the future, however, the driving education itself, and thus the curriculum, will take the lead role. The exam will then be aligned with this curriculum.

No decision has been made yet regarding potential changes in the number of mandatory exams. For now, the current system, where you take one theory exam and one practical exam, will remain in place. One consideration is that additional exams entail extra costs for the students. Later this year, advice will be issued by the Ministry, IBKI, CBR, and the industry on this matter.


Improvement of driving instructors

Currently, only one exam is mandatory for driving instructors. Under the new laws and regulations, future driving instructors will be required to undergo training at an institute recognized by IBKI. IBKI has established guidelines for this training, allowing institutes the freedom to develop their own teaching methods within these frameworks.

Additionally, driving instructors are still required to renew their credentials every 5 years, but these requirements are also becoming stricter. IBKI will now conduct both theoretical and practical exams every 5 years. If an instructor fails three times, they will lose their credentials. At that point, the instructor may opt to undergo a re-entry training program.

The reason behind the new measures is the various irregularities in the driving school sector and the low passing rates. Currently, only 52 percent pass the practical exam on their first attempt, and just 39 percent pass the theory exam. Minister Harbers announced that the new approach is also aimed at reducing traffic accidents. CBR-director Alexander Pechtold anticipates that these measures will promote fairer competition among driving schools and enhance the quality of driving lessons, ultimately assisting young people in obtaining their driver’s licenses more quickly.

As a theory school, we fully support these changes because they not only result in higher passing rates but also enhance traffic safety. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone can drive safely and responsibly. And additionally, if these changes like they predict also happen to have a positive impact on your wallet, well that’s just an added bonus!


How do these changes impact you?

The new rules ensure you’re better prepared for the road. With clear learning objectives and improved guidance from instructors, you’re more likely to pass on your first attempt. This saves you time, money, and stress. Prepare well, choose a reputable driving school, and hit the road with confidence. Best of luck with your driving education and safe travels!

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