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Are you aiming for a swift and successful theory exam pass? Look no further than Theorie Snel Halen! With our tried-and-tested formula, available both online and in-person, we offer an interactive approach that results in an impressive 97% success rate.

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About Us

At Theorie Snel Halen, your success is the driving force behind everything we do. With personalized guidance, interactive learning, and an extraordinary success rate of 97%, our instructors form an unwavering team to assist you at every juncture of your path. With us, you’re not merely a statistic; you’re an invaluable member of our community. Choose a proven success story. Choose Theorie Snel Halen!

Fueling your driving dreams with TSH

At Theorie Snel Halen, navigating your way through the theory exam is as effortless as a drive in the countryside. Our lessons are expertly tailored to steer your attention with the precision of a skilled driver, ensuring that no roadblock or distraction can veer you off course. Thanks to our experienced instructors the material is not only understandable but also enjoyable!

  • Proven Learning Methods

Benefit from the targeted lessons from our instructors, each with over 30 years of experience, you will pass in one go.

  • Learn with Joy

Our enthusiastic instructors make the theory lively and interesting. No dull material, but understandable explanations infused with a hint of humor.

  • No Stress, Just Success

With our intensive approach and personal guidance, you’ll pass your exam with confidence. We are here to support you, even up to 200%!

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Experiences of our customers

These delighted drivers breezed through their theory exams and are eager to share their experience with you.

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  • Study at your own pace
  • Proven teaching methods
  • Effortless learning anytime, anywhere

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a quick look at the most frequently asked questions. On our FAQ page you can find more answers to your questions.

I have fear of failure, can I still pass for my theory exam?

Theorie Snel Halen employs expert teachers who have a great deal of experience in teaching students who suffer from performance anxiety. Our teaching method is extremely effective, even for students who are fearful of failure. In addition, you will take a lot of practice exams during the course, so that you can take the CBR exam with a confident feeling.

Will I be taken to the CBR?

The CBR in Amsterdam is within walking distance of our course location. We do our utmost to reserve your exam in Amsterdam, but unfortunately there aren’t always spots in Amsterdam. To ensure that you can take your theory exam after the course, we will in some cases reserve the exam at another CBR location. But don’t worry, if the distance is a bit further, we will arrange transport to the CBR and back to our course location.

What do the terms “small”, “reasonable” or “high” mean on the website?

During registration you can filter theory courses by the following three terms: “small”, “reasonable” or “high”. The terms indicate how much chance you have of actually getting a reservation at the CBR for the theory exam on your indicated “preferred date”. The closer the date, the more difficult it is to find an exam spot at the CBR. Since we depend on the available sloths at the CBR, we unfortunately cannot guarantee any date for a 100%. But don’t worry! If we can’t find a spot on your preferred date, we will always consult with you and find a suitable alternative for you.

How long does it take to receive my results after the theory exam?

Upon completing the exam you will immediately see on the screen whether you’ve passed for the exam. You can always find the official result afterwards by logging into My CBR with your DigiD.

How can I book a theory course with CBR exam as soon as possible?

To follow a theory course with CBR exam as soon as possible, we recommend that you register for a date that is stated on the website under ‘small chance’. The spots under ‘small chance’ are the most recent dates. With this you indicate that you want as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee that we will find a spot on your preferred date, but we will message you via Whatsapp with every vacant spot that becomes available asking if you would like to participate.