Discover the Benefits of Partnering with Theorie Snel Halen!

Are you a driving school owner?

Are you looking for a valuable partner to take your driving school to new heights? Theorie Snel Halen has successfully collaborated with both large and small driving school owners across the Netherlands for many years.

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Why Partner with Theorie Snel Halen?


1. Fast Success for Your Students:

Accelerate the theory exam process and ensure your students pass faster.

2. Efficiency in Practical Lessons:

Our effective theory courses allow you and your students to focus more efficiently on practical lessons.

3. Tailored Flexibility:

Our courses are flexible and seamlessly fit into your driving school’s schedule.

4. Extra Service and Quality:

Add extra service and quality to your offerings, regardless of the size of your driving school.

5. Happy Customers, Your Success:

Happy customers are the key to success. Theorie Snel Halen aims to not only educate your students but also provide a positive and efficient experience.

How Does It Work?


Easy Integration:
Effortlessly integrate our high-quality theory courses into your offerings.
Effective Learning Experience:
Our courses are designed for effectiveness and user-friendliness, allowing your students to quickly and thoroughly grasp the theory.
Growth Opportunities for Your Driving School:
Together, we strive to elevate not only the theory exams but also your driving school to new heights.

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Experiences of our customers

These delighted drivers breezed through their theory exams and are eager to share their experience with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the terms “small”, “reasonable” or “high” mean on the website?

During registration you can filter theory courses by the following three terms: “small”, “reasonable” or “high”. The terms indicate how much chance you have of actually getting a reservation at the CBR for the theory exam on your indicated “preferred date”. The closer the date, the more difficult it is to find an exam spot at the CBR. Since we depend on the available sloths at the CBR, we unfortunately cannot guarantee any date for a 100%. But don’t worry! If we can’t find a spot on your preferred date, we will always consult with you and find a suitable alternative for you.

Do I have to book the theory exam myself or will you do that?

The inclusion of this feature relies on the package you choose during registration. If you register for the course with the CBR exam, this service comes bundled in. Simply grant us authorization, and we’ll manage the exam booking on your behalf.

How long does it take to receive my results after the theory exam?

Upon completing the exam you will immediately see on the screen whether you’ve passed for the exam. You can always find the official result afterwards by logging into My CBR with your DigiD.

How long is the theory exam certificate valid?

Your theory certificate is valid for 1.5 years. This means that you must pass for the practical exam within a year and a half otherwise your theory will expire.

Can I also pay in cash?

The deposit of 60 euros must be paid online when registering. The remaining amount can be paid at our office on the first day you come to the course. This can be paid both in cash or with card.