Discover the Benefits of Partnering with Theorie Snel Halen!

Are you a driving school owner?

Are you looking for a valuable partner to take your driving school to new heights? Theorie Snel Halen has successfully collaborated with both large and small driving school owners across the Netherlands for many years.

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Why Partner with Theorie Snel Halen?


1. Fast Success for Your Students:

Accelerate the theory exam process and ensure your students pass faster.

2. Efficiency in Practical Lessons:

Our effective theory courses allow you and your students to focus more efficiently on practical lessons.

3. Tailored Flexibility:

Our courses are flexible and seamlessly fit into your driving school’s schedule.

4. Extra Service and Quality:

Add extra service and quality to your offerings, regardless of the size of your driving school.

5. Happy Customers, Your Success:

Happy customers are the key to success. Theorie Snel Halen aims to not only educate your students but also provide a positive and efficient experience.

How Does It Work?


Easy Integration:
Effortlessly integrate our high-quality theory courses into your offerings.
Effective Learning Experience:
Our courses are designed for effectiveness and user-friendliness, allowing your students to quickly and thoroughly grasp the theory.
Growth Opportunities for Your Driving School:
Together, we strive to elevate not only the theory exams but also your driving school to new heights.

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Experiences of our customers

These delighted drivers breezed through their theory exams and are eager to share their experience with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have fear of failure, can I still pass for my theory exam?

Theorie Snel Halen employs expert teachers who have a great deal of experience in teaching students who suffer from performance anxiety. Our teaching method is extremely effective, even for students who are fearful of failure. In addition, you will take a lot of practice exams during the course, so that you can take the CBR exam with a confident feeling.

Can I also pay in cash?

The deposit of 60 euros must be paid online when registering. The remaining amount can be paid at our office on the first day you come to the course. This can be paid both in cash or with card.

Can I also request an exam with extra time?

This is possible. You must indicate this immediately after registering with us by telephone or via our Whatsapp so that we can take this into account when booking your exam. Please note: an exam with extra time costs €20 more, for the extra costs you will receive a payment link from us.

How can I book a theory course with CBR exam as soon as possible?

To follow a theory course with CBR exam as soon as possible, we recommend that you register for a date that is stated on the website under ‘small chance’. The spots under ‘small chance’ are the most recent dates. With this you indicate that you want as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee that we will find a spot on your preferred date, but we will message you via Whatsapp with every vacant spot that becomes available asking if you would like to participate.

What time does the course start?

The English course is a 2-day course usually on Sunday & Monday. You will have class on Sunday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. On the second day you have lessons from 07:00 AM to 11:00 AM. The CBR exam follow after the course on Monday.