Specialized Punjabi Language Car Theory Courses

Welcome to Theorie Snel Halen, where we are dedicated to providing specialized theory courses for individuals who speak Punjabi. Our goal is to make the theory exam process accessible and seamless for Punjabi speakers by offering comprehensive courses and facilitating exams with the assistance of a Punjabi interpreter at the CBR.

Why Choose Our Punjabi Language Courses?

1. 🎓 Tailored Learning in Punjabi:


  • Our courses are specifically designed for Punjabi speakers, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the theory material.


2. 🌐 Professional Punjabi Interpreters:


  • We arrange for proficient Punjabi interpreters to assist during the theory exam, providing clarity and support throughout the process.


3. 💼 All-Inclusive Package:


  • For the convenience of our students, we offer an all-inclusive package priced at 580 euros. This covers the specialized Punjabi language course, the theory exam, and multiple days of comprehensive preparation.


4. 🏆 Experienced Instructors:


  • Learn from experienced instructors who are fluent in Punjabi, ensuring effective communication and a conducive learning environment.


5. 📝 CBR Exam Assistance:


  • We take care of all the logistics, including booking the exam at the CBR and ensuring a Punjabi interpreter is present to assist during the examination.


What’s Included in the 580 Euro Package?

  • 📚 Specialized Punjabi language theory course.
  • 📝 CBR theory exam with a Punjabi interpreter.
  • 🗓️ Multiple days of comprehensive preparation to ensure success.


At Theorie Snel Halen, we are committed to breaking language barriers and providing a supportive learning environment for Punjabi speakers. Our all-inclusive package is designed to make the entire process hassle-free, allowing individuals to focus on understanding the theory and successfully passing the exam.

If you or someone you know is interested in our Punjabi language theory courses, feel free to contact us for more information or to enroll. Your success in obtaining your theory certification is our priority.

Experiences of our customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a quick look at the most frequently asked questions. On our FAQ page you can find more answers to your questions.

Will I be taken to the CBR?

The CBR in Amsterdam is within walking distance of our course location. We do our utmost to reserve your exam in Amsterdam, but unfortunately there aren’t always spots in Amsterdam. To ensure that you can take your theory exam after the course, we will in some cases reserve the exam at another CBR location. But don’t worry, if the distance is a bit further, we will arrange transport to the CBR and back to our course location.

I have fear of failure, can I still pass for my theory exam?

Theorie Snel Halen employs expert teachers who have a great deal of experience in teaching students who suffer from performance anxiety. Our teaching method is extremely effective, even for students who are fearful of failure. In addition, you will take a lot of practice exams during the course, so that you can take the CBR exam with a confident feeling.

Do I have to book the theory exam myself or will you do that?

The inclusion of this feature relies on the package you choose during registration. If you register for the course with the CBR exam, this service comes bundled in. Simply grant us authorization, and we’ll manage the exam booking on your behalf.

What should I bring to the theory exam?

The crucial aspect is having a valid ID in your possession – either a passport or an identity card. Without a valid ID, the CBR will not permit you to take the exam.

What do the terms “small”, “reasonable” or “high” mean on the website?

During registration you can filter theory courses by the following three terms: “small”, “reasonable” or “high”. The terms indicate how much chance you have of actually getting a reservation at the CBR for the theory exam on your indicated “preferred date”. The closer the date, the more difficult it is to find an exam spot at the CBR. Since we depend on the available sloths at the CBR, we unfortunately cannot guarantee any date for a 100%. But don’t worry! If we can’t find a spot on your preferred date, we will always consult with you and find a suitable alternative for you.