What does the car theory exam look like?

The CBR car theory exam consists of three different parts: hazard perception, knowledge, and insight. To pass, you must pass each of these sections separately, and within each part, you are allowed to make a limited number of mistakes.

The first part, called “Hazard Perception,” consists of a total of 25 questions. To pass this part, you must answer at least 13 questions correctly. This means you can make a maximum of 12 mistakes.

The second part, “Knowledge,” comprises a total of 12 questions. If you answer at least 10 questions correctly, you demonstrate that you are a true expert on the road. In this part, you are allowed a maximum of 2 mistakes.

The third and final part is “Insight.” Here, you will be presented with a whopping 28 questions. To pass this part, you must answer at least 25 questions correctly and demonstrate your understanding of traffic situations. You are allowed a maximum of 3 mistakes here.

So, you can make a total of 17 mistakes, but these are specifically tied to each of the sections.


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